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[Valdis looks tired, but more in an emotional way than anything else.]

Some of you may already know, but for those of you who don't. I am moving out of the Midnight Hotel. My friend, Wan, built a house in the Sky Sector, near the gardens, some time ago. That's where you will find me from now on. [A short laugh] I can't vouch for the cat though, he has a mind of his own.

[More solemn now]

The main reason for this is so I can be closer to the KPD and the Iron Circle, when it is completed. With that in mind, you may have noticed that I have not added anything to discussion regarding the Foreigner's Guild. This is because I have decided to join the Guild of Justice and Arbitration, [As was only fitting for the head of the KPD], and put the sponsorship of the KPD under its control.

It has come to my attention that the laws here are not always easy to uphold, [recent events had made that very, very clear]. But hopefully this guild system will be good for all of us.
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[This is so counter to everything Devin normally does, but there's no point in beating around the bush. Best to tell the truth and then let the chips fall where they may.]

It's not generally my custom to announce myself so formally, but it seems to be the norm around here, and I believe this will save me a great deal of time and energy. My name is Devin Parker, and I am a vampire. [He grins, revealing a slightly elongated set of canines to make his point.] If you're even remotely aware of any variety of my species, you're probably also aware that we need to consume blood to live. [There are stories about the essence-consuming ones, but none actually exist in his world.] Sadly, I'm no exception to this rule; however, I don't hurt people to get what I need, so you've no cause to worry that I'm going to jump out at you from a dark alleyway late at night. [The smirk turns a little wicked.] I can do that in daylight.

[He's joking. Probably.

Briefly, Devin's expression turns more serious.]

That said, I do still need what I need. Not often; and not in great quantities; and, if at all possible, not from the vein. Anyone willing to volunteer, I can provide further details.

[The vampire leans back in his chair, hands folded and smiling slyly again.]

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

[He's sure there will be many.]
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[ The video opens not with a shot of Sheena, but of Gnome, who's out among the tilled rows of now poisoned crops. His anger is obvious as he stalks through the destruction muttering to himself but not touching anything.

Soon, Sheena's voice can be heard. ]

Hello, everyone. This is Sheena Fujibayashi, and that's Gnome. Some of you might remember him from when the greenhouses were put up not too long ago. For those who don't, don't panic. Despite how he looks, Gnome's actually trying to help here. He's the Summon Spirit of Earth, and he's working on fixing the soil.

[ The camera shifts to show Sheena's grim expression. ]

Sadly, I don't think this can be a quick fix. He's never seen a contamination like this before--

[ Suddenly, there's a loud WHUMP and making a startled sound, Sheena turns the camera for a brief glimpse of Gnome sitting down. ]

What the...? Gnome?!

[ And the feed ends. ]

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Hi, so I know this is a longshot but-

So these cultists keep finding a way to make this dust, right? How hard is it to make this stuff? Does they require special facilities? I'm not sure if the magical side of it somehow makes it easier to make, but most types of drugs that I'm familiar with require some rather sophisticated equipment that's difficult to hide and often leaves traces.

If they do require special facilities, and we know what to look for, that might provide some clues if we can track down a lab, right?
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Do you need me to come in today?

I know I said I would reduce my hours to make time for Force training, but that can wait until this poisoning crisis is over.
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[The feed flicks on. This is the first time Eliyen has shown her face - all of her contact with the Foreigners up until now has been via audio. She looks like what some would describe as a "tough old bird", or a martinet - someone who won't brook any nonsense.

And on that subject, she doesn't look particularly happy.]

This is Arbitrator Eliyen of the Guild of Justice and Arbitration.

There has been an increase in crime due to the recent Dust contamination. All crimes will be treated exactly the same as they would be without the influence of the Dust, both by Foreigners and kedan. Everyone would do well to look after each other.

We will not let an event such as this disrupt the city’s day-to-day life.

...though on that note, perhaps this occurred because your fractiousness was seen as a weakness. We cannot have any weak links in the chain of the city, because one vulnerability could harm us all.

Case in point.

[She will not be replying to any comments (she's a busy woman, after all), but feel free to talk amongst yourselves!]
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[ Someone doesn't have time for texting today! ]

I need a doctor or healer-or whatever the terminology is-just get here quickly.

[ after a small beat. ]

As a general note to the public I won't be taking on any new cases until further notice so don't bother coming by.

[ Private text: To Valdis ]

Conan's been hit with dust.
Won't be in to discuss case.
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All right. By now we've all heard about the new Guild structure, and how if we don't choose a kedan-operated Guild, we'll be sent into the Foreigners Guild by default. Thanks to Sonja for bringing up some options about how to handle the Foreigners Guild structure. [He nods a little in acknowledgment.]

How many of us are going to choose to integrate into the structure of the city proper? I'm strongly considering it, and I think the rest of us should, too. Of course, the Foreigners Guild is important as well, but we won't get anywhere if we stay insular. We're a part of the city, for better or worse, until the spell that's holding us here dissolves, if it ever does. We may as well make nice with our gracious hosts.
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[ Sheena appears on the screen, looking a little harried, but one gets the feeling that she's kind of used to it. Possibly enjoying it--if her smile is any indication. However, there's also a hint of a business-like attitude as she begins to speak. ]

Hello, everyone. [ The faint sounds of a restaurant can be heard behind her as she speaks. ] My name is Sheena Fujibayashi, and I would like to officially announce that I am the new owner of the Jasmine Dragon Tea House started by Iroh in the Sky Sector. [ She chuckles. ] And I'm not changing a thing! [ Except for maybe adding some lemon-style cookies to the menu.

She will admit, though, that she's a little behind in submitting the complete information (info page) to the city's government, but in the meantime... ]

Plus, we're hiring for a number of positions! If you've worked here before and would like your job back--no problem! However, experience isn't necessary. if you can prove to me that you can do the job you're applying for, then you got it.

I have several Kedanese employees, but I still need more managers, hosts, dishwashers and servers. [ There's a quiet tone in her voice that practically screams "if you can't work with the Kedan, don't bother applying". She's not having any of that. ]

If you have any questions, or want to apply, feel free to contact me! Thank you.

[ ooc: Working on the info page for "official" applications. :) ]
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Hello, to anyone who hasn't met me already, my name is Sonja.

So, it seems we all got pretty surprised this month with the unveiling of the new Guild structure.

I think it's a really good sign that the Kedan are going out of their way to give the Foreigners our own representation in city business, and I think this will really just make everything a lot more inviting to Kedan and Foreigners alike, having all the different functions be given a structure and leadership.

I'm a fan of formality.

But it also leaves us with a vacuum in the way we want the new Foreigner Guild to be organized.

In particular I want to ask the Welcome Center, and by extension Zatanna, if it wants to become an official component of the Foreigners Guild, since the most obvious function of the Guild will be what the welcome center already does.

The Midnight Hotel under Anton always claimed to be neutral, so unless Klaus significantly changed that philosophy I imagine that will continue to stay outside the purview of the guild. I'll assume the same of any other foreigner-run business unless someone volunteers otherwise.

And then I'd just like to ask everyone their thoughts on what the Foreigner's Guild should be, what functions it should serve. This is a big opportunity to really integrate ourselves into the city, and we shouldn't take it lightly.

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[Fai is once again in the kitchen of the Midnight Hotel, this time wearing a plain old white apron instead of his frilly pink one (and of course, the ever-present eyepatch over his left eye). He's got his handset propped up on the counter and he's sitting with his elbows on the counter and his chin in his hands, and there's a book of some sort laying open between him and the screen.]

Hello again, everyone! I was wondering: how many of you out there like to cook? Or even if you don't really like it, how many of you have recipes you might be willing to share? [One hand drops down to pat the book in front of him] I'm trying to collect some new ideas for things to make.

Even if you can't really remember the exact recipe, if you know the basic ingredients I might be able to work off of that! And I'd be willing to share the results, of course~
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[After getting the lowdown from a rather nice lady, a very annoyed-looking young woman is staring balefully at the camera.]

Are you serious.

Are you serious.

Because people keep explaining this Life-Death-Dreaming thing to me and it sounds like bullshit. There are two planes I can be on and I’m apparently not on either of them and that is so much bullshit I have apparently been dropped into the former pasture of a hekatomb of oxen because what the hell.

Look. Look at this. [She holds up her journal with a helpful diagram of a stick figure, a vertical line, and another stick figure, and a double-sided arrow.] My soul can be Waking, or it can be Otherside, or it can occasionally be both at the same time because my life is a dumpster fire. Not this, okay? [She puts the journal down, raises her hand, and taps the labradorite ring she’s wearing.] My soul is not in a rock. Even if it’s a really pretty rock, and I know from pretty rocks.

[Frustratedly:] Like, oh my gods. Every single god I have ever met. All of them. Up to and including Inari-Ōkami. For the love of baby Jesus in his mangery crib. Put me back. I want to speak to the manager. Yeah. The spell manager.

Fix this, Obama.
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Are you busy?

Nevermind, dumb question.

Can you spare me a little time? I need advice.
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I know I'm not the only one who noticed a bunch of people appearing and disappearing. I want to know where the damn spell comes from that's bringing people here. If it used to be the Emperor and it's not anymore, then who the hell's maintaining it? We should be more than a little worried that those people were a sign of some serious shit, that the spell might be unstable or ending.

Also, anyone else notice a fucking cult hanging out on top of the turtle's head?

[Private to Raine]
I asked you about learning some healing magic a long time ago. You think you can teach me?

[Private to Sherlock]
I got that shit you asked for.
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So, darlings.

A couple of things:

Firstly, I'm wondering what people have against one of the oldest professions? Yes, yes, I understand how young I am, but really is that your only objection?

Secondly, I am looking for a hand to hand sparring partner. While my sword skills are impressive, I'm afraid that my hand to hand has gone to the way side. I find that... unacceptable.

[ Her beating had brought that home. But she's not mentioning that. She adjusts herself in front of the console, wearing that ridiculously fluffy robe that she loves. Of course it's white. ]

So, darlings. Anyone willing to step up and answer either of those?
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I have a question.

[ She's got her hair up in a messy bun. At least she's being seen? She's still pretty scarce, but she's coming out of hiding a bit. ]

How often do people get things from home? I mean something you know you left at home and is now here.

I got a photo from home is why I ask. I wasn't expecting it, and it looks like the real thing? Though why it wouldn't be is beyond me.

I was just wondering.
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{ Open to the Public }

I need the professional opinion of a botanist and chemist well versed in the elements and compounds of this world.

[ Unfortunately his knowledge just doesn't cover it. For the moment. ]

{ Private to John Watson }

Meet me at the university lab.

{ Private to Valdis }

I need to show you something. Can you be at the University lab within the hour?
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Weird question, but has anyone else been contacted by any of the kedan out of nowhere? Asking about your work, or anything like that?

[Technically the saying goes 'two is a coincidence, three is a pattern,' but any scientist knows that sample size is dependent on the question being investigated. In this case, Tony thinks that n=2 is significant.]
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((OOC: Please check out Jack's permissions post for whether your characters will be able to see/hear him before responding!))


[ Here's a face you haven't seen on the consoles in a while, Keeliai. In fact, it's been about 15 months, and he's looking (if you can see him) plain gobsmacked. ]

Uh. Please tell me someone's been messing with the date feature on the consoles.

[ And then under his breath: ]

Or I'm in major trouble.