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 Right, so I guess some of you might have noticed the thing with the dragons running around? Kind of noticeable and all.

[Danny shifts awkwardly as he tries to figure out what to say.]

Look, I didn't bring the amulet here. But I did recognize it. It's from my world. So I guess I kind of feel responsible. Is that a thing? Things from home following you here, I mean?

But yeah... Just for future reference. If you see something glowing a weird green color, maybe try running in the other direction instead of picking it up?

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[ Hey, fellow Turtle-dwellers! Have a smiling, yet curious, Sheena appear on your screens. ]

Hello, everyone! Does anyone know if there's a weaponsmith who makes bows? [ Yep. Sheena knows how to use one! ] It's been a while since I've used one, and I'd really like to get back to that.

[ She starts to cut the feed, then stops. ]

And if anyone knows where I can target practice, that would be great!

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[ It's been disgustingly hot the past few days. Marinette was definitely not a fan of the super high temperatures, which is why she looks exhausted when she flips the network feed on. ]

I know I shouldn't draw attention to it because it makes it worse, but this -heat- is awful. I've been helping the crafting guild making outfits, but I gotta tell you - it's hard to stay motivated with this weather.

I want to at least get two more outfits done before stopping though. Of course in addition to that I'm working on my own dress for the Midsummer Ball that Valdis announced a few days ago. I'm really kind of looking forward to that - [ Oh BOY is she. ]

So, who else is going?

[ Anyone she knows? Granted she didn't know a lot of pepole here yet, but she was gonna get her mingle on at the party, so that'd be resolved right quick. She was about to add an offer to make accessories for someone, but - no no, Marinette. She really needed to stop taking on so much extra. ... unless a friend mentions wanting something made. She still had to work on Adrien's shirts. GAH, so much to do so little time~! ]
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[Despite the fact that the temperature inside the Welcome Center was currently set to "inside a freezer in the arctic", Zatanna appeared on screen in a light tank top and sunglasses.  Clearly feeling the spirit of the heatwave, even if her spirit boyfriend might not have been...]

It has been brought to my attention that I've been working too much and need to be more spontaneous.

So that's what I'm going to do.

Starting later this afternoon, I've decided to take a spontaneous vacation.  Just for a couple days, of course--I'm not that irresponsible.  Don't know exactly where I'm going, don't know what time this weekend I'll be back.  But I wanted to at least give you all a heads up in case there was something you needed first.  I'll have maps and the latest updated pamphlets on the counter.  The doors to the main area will stay unlocked, and the Wards I have up will take care of the rest.

Otherwise, speak now,  because I can't exactly lug the network console with me to the beach.
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[Valdis appears happier than people might be used to seeing. She has a genuine smile gracing her features, and a sly look in her eyes.]

I am happy to announce that on August twenty first, we will be having a Midsummer Ball at the Courtyard of Public Opinion. Everyone is invited and it is sure to be a wonderful evening.

Formal attire is a must. I have the names of a few tailors that do excellent work if anyone is interested.

[Because who doesn't love pretty dresses and suits]

For security, I will have KPD officers working the event and all foreigner officers are required to attend in order to help keep an eye on things.

[And no, there is no getting out of it.]

Weather permitting, events will start around three in the afternoon. Anyone who would like to volunteer for setup is welcome to help. We will be setting up the night of the twentieth with finishing touches added the next day.

Thank you.
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Hey, everybody. I'm turning... twenty one? Twenty two? Have we decided how we're counting that year in the Dreaming yet?

Anyway, I'm having a party at my place. Everybody's welcome. Even if you don't like me, I do have a lot of ice cream. Just putting that out there.

[Attached is his address in the Sky Sector, and the date and time.

Some Foreigners – specifically, Aya, Raine, Jackie, Bucky, Valdis, Danny, Sonja and Miles – will also receive individual texts, consisting of an ASCII art birthday cake, a smiley face, and a link to this video message. Cute.]
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[Valdis appears more relaxed and content than usual, her hair is braided and pulled over one shoulder.]

Though it was some time ago, I appreciated your defense of me against the unfounded charges anonymously posted to the network and am pleased to say that I have spoken with Arbitrator Eliyen and have been reinstated as the KPD's Chief of Police.

The past few months have not been ideal, but I would like to thank Pepper, Gene and Kaliel for handling the KPD in my absence. It isn't an easy job and it was made even more difficult due to the atrocities committed by the Cultists. The KPD has several of these cultists in custody, but they are nothing more than pawns in a greater plan. I promise that we will find the masterminds and they will pay for their crimes.

[Now for the new things]

To better serve Keeliai, I will be doubling the number of officers in the coming months. In addition, we acquired four Kirin a few months ago for a mounted force, but need a single person to devote some time to their care. If anyone is interested in that position, please let me know.

That is all.
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[When the screen first flickered on, Midii seemed...almost distracted.  As if she were functioning on autopilot.  Like the broadcast was pre-planned, and some unforeseen circumstance put a damper on the moment.  Or she could have just been tired.  The circles under her eyes were faint but notable.]

I came across something interesting in my...studies.

[A slight pause at that word, and only then did she appear to collect herself enough to lift her gaze and stare at the camera directly.  There were a small pile of flowers off to one side, and she picked one of them up, twirling it gently in front of her as if contemplating its very existence.]

Most of the plants I've been harvesting are supposed to have medicinal qualities.  Healing.  I've been learning how to identify and use them properly.  But there was this one book...[Here, she paused to glance around her before laying eyes on something just below the camera, and seemed satisfied.]...this one here.  I found it when I was shopping in the markets the other day.  It says that flowers can also be used to send messages to people.  Not just to tell someone you like them, or apologize for something you did wrong.  More like...each flower can carry a very specific meaning.  Almost like a puzzle.  

I'd never thought about that before, but it seemed interesting.  And maybe useful for people to know at any point in the future.  I don't...think I've ever seen many people using coded languages here.  [Aside from encryptions, but she purposely refrained from bringing those up.]  And I know many of us don't all speak or read in the same languages.  But...I don't know...maybe it could even be a game?  Or...something.

[She seemed to be losing her train of thought as she went along, pausing just long enough to let out a small yawn.]


Where was I?  Oh, right.  This one, for example.... [she held up the red leaf-like flower in her hand] ...can be used to make a certain kind of poison.  But for some reason, it's hidden message means an abundance of welcoming hospitality.  Strange, isn't it?  That a flower can mean one thing, but be used for something else entirely.

I wonder...if that's true for all the flowers in Keelai.
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I am interested in power.

[...perhaps not the most reassuring of openings, but at least it was straight to the point?]

Training for the duration of time I have, both individually and with a mentor--[yes, she considers Kylo a 'mentor']--has allowed me to achieved a greater understanding of the concept.  However, with that understanding has come...curiosity, if you will.

Many of those designated as Foreigners have shown signs of possessing unique abilities from a seemingly infinite number of sources.  Some of these abilities are innate, while others appear to be borrowed through external means.  I am curious about these abilities and their origins, if you are willing to oblige me with this information.

[Though her voice and tone appeared neutral throughout, it was clear from the look in her eyes that Aya was more than simply curious.  She was looking for...something.  Something which she would not explicitly say aloud.]

Thank you.
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[Kratos does not often attend the network, so may not be familiar to most. He has the air of someone understated, with an impassive face; but those who know him will note he looks more relaxed than usual. He's almost smiling.

[His hair is also floofy, like he's been hit with static, and his clothes are damp. He doesn't seem to mind.]

Would anyone be averse to my bringing some storms to bear? This humidity and cloud-cover is ripe for rain, but the storms appear to be holding back.

I would not like to inconvenience anyone. If the city officials or the farmers would prefer I leave the weather as it should be, I'll refrain.

[ooc: This is a minor player plot! This has been given the go-ahead, so no NPCs will object. (If no NPCs reply here, I will assume NPC go-aheads are given to Kratos privately.) Otherwise just assume there's more rain than originally forecast and an easing of salt toward the Foreigners.]
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Mr. Holmes isn't here any more.

[Conan pauses for a moment, as if he was about to say something else. But really, nothing else needed to be said. Anyone who cared enough to know about Sherlock's whereabouts were smart enough to draw their own conclusions from that.

But on to his other business. Sherlock's disappearance had once again left Conan in the position of being an eight-year-old with no caretaker. Even here he couldn't hold an apartment by himself. Which left him with very few options.]

Is anyone looking for a roommate? I have an apartment, but I don't think I'll be allowed to stay here by myself.

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Okay okay - question to all the Foreigners!

What are your favourite foods? And how are they made?

I swear this is important.

Also if somebody were, you know, writing a kind of story, which may or may not involve Foreigners, what's the rule of thumb for your biology?

...Asking for a friend.
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[The video opens on a somewhat charming smile. The man in it seems very sure of himself, and utterly unrattled by his new situation.]

Hey. Captain Jack Harkness here, and I've got to say it's a pretty nice turtle you've got. She's not exactly where I was trying to get, but seeing as this place seems short on the killer reality tv shows...pretty minor quibble.

I've already met a few of the locals - thanks again guys, and sorry about those vegetables - but I'm always open to meet more people. Local, not-so-local, I don't really mind either way since it looks like I'll have some free time.

Other than company, all I'm in the market for right now's a job and maybe some tools, if someone's willing to lend them - I have a piece of tech that got broken in transit somehow, and I'd really rather get it back in one piece.

[He raises his left arm to show off a leather cuff with what appears to be a communicator inside. It's been fried.]

I'm sure we can work something out in exchange, I've been told I'm pretty good with my hands.

[He laughs a little, at his joke, and there's a moment of dead air after it. Just when the pause starts to get uncomfortably long he makes a show of clearing his throat.]

And oh, Doctor, Rose? [His smile tightens, just barely. Appears just a bit forced.] If you're out there, looks like I'm alive after all. Which I'm kind of hoping you two didn't know, because seriously? There are much nicer ways to let a guy down.
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So I was looking at the calendar, and I just realized I've been here more than a year. That's just weird to think about.
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[Aly looks a little chagrinned, and blows out her breath with a "whuff" sound.]

Okay, I have a confession to make. The name I've given out isn't the one I usually go by. It's Aly. But you can still call me Keahi. I don't really care.

[She shrugs.]

No such thing as an overabundance of caution, right? And for any faeries out there...this is your only warning to stay well clear. You try and step, and me and Dr. Bonkers will fix the little problem of you being alive.

That's all.

private, to devin;
[Aly looks like the cat that ate the canary.] Told you I could work with hardball.
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[ Waking in a new world was definitely not something Marinette expected to greet her when she opened her eyes. On the plus side, she had her belongings with her - even Tikki, though the kwami seemed very groggy and tired. She reassured Marinette she'd be fine, it wasn't like when she got sick back then, so Marinette let the kwami sleep and devoted her attention to finding out where she was and exactly what was going on. Cut to about...two hours later, when she accesses the network, her mind spinning with the information she'd been given. ]

[ She probably found her way to one of the console cafe's honestly, but she presents herself with a polite smile (if a little bit awkward). ]
[ She pauses, as something occurs to her. Her first option should have been making her way to that Welcome Center to stay, but she had prioritized getting Tikki some food instinctively. Hopefully it'd help the kwami recover. ]

I'll ... probably be at this cafe for a little bit longer, but I really should have a look around soon too.

[ She'd totally doesn't think anyone from home is here either. She hesitates a moment to consider her topics, and finally settles on one. ]

So, I guess I'll be seeing you all around! If you've got any suggestions of places to take a look at, I'm open to ideas.

[ She needed to get her bearings in this place after all, especially with what's been going on. Once from the ground.. and then once from the air, when Tikki was recovered. Before ending her connection though, she grins and flashes a cheerful V'sign. Peace Out? ... so lame, Marinette. ]
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[ Guess who's been out of jail for a couple weeks now? He also can't believe he has to make this post again, because he's starting to think that damned ledger is haunted, and that's coming from someone who is literally haunted. ]

Penny's gone, which means I'm down an employee. Whoever wants the fastest trick out of this place and can count, congratulations you have a job.
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Attacking the innocent and helpless as a demonstration of might is the province of the cowardly and craven. Only those who know their ideas and beliefs are built on shaky ground resort to such tactics rather than discussing their truths in the cold light of day.

Y᷆o᷅ů h̓a͘v᷾e͑ m̗a᷈d̳e͒ mͫȧn̻y̦ p͚o᷾w̻e᷁r᷁f̛ùlͮ eͨn͉e̓m͌i̔e̓s̼ t̴oͩd̔a͘y᷂.̗

Pͦ᷉̾e͚ͮͅr͐͌᷀h̴᷿ͧa̩̼ͅp̣̜᷀s̴͖͠ t̫̯ͫhͥ̄ͥe̸̶᷂ o̘̦ͥn̲᷁͜e͎᷉᷀ y͙̾͛o̪͓ͤu̘͚̙ s̟̋ͣh̠͙͡o̞᷆͊u̇ͥ͜l̼ͩ͋d̊̐͝ f͈̲̕ę̷᷄a̠͐͟r̯̱̍ t͖̥͢h᷾̓͜e̐̐̐ m̳̱̀o̴̗̅s̫̄̈́t̹͖̆ ȋ̦᷁s̡̾͆ m͂ͥ͠e͇ͣ͐.̸̦̏

[And Miles will not be responding to anything, because the nanite interference from his anger-summoning of the Walrider Swarm while he wrote this has hecked up his radio so badly that it's basically a brick now.]

[Three-quarters of an hour later, private video to Pepper from a console in the Hotel:]

...I think I broke my phone.

[He looks tired and drawn, but there's still a spark of anger deep in his eyes.]
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[ The feed is audio only, but it likely wouldn't have mattered, given that the kedan are shapeshifters and he's making introductions anyway. Pointedly, this broadcast goes to all consoles, whether Foreigner or kedan owned-- the more people who see this, the better. ]

My name is Daseng. I am the leader of those which this city have naively been calling "cultists", even though that is far from accurate. Those who have chosen to follow the path of Malicant are visionaries, who have chosen not to accept the submissive rule of Emperors past and tyrants present.

I wish to personally thank the Foreigner called Sherlock Holmes, for aiding us in resolving the outlying issues in the chemical and biological components of Red Mist as recently announced by him. As a token of my sincere gratitude, I generously offer you the location of our next testing site: the Sagala textiles market, in the Earth Sector.

[ It's a sprawling and and heavily trafficked location... anyone who's ordered custom clothing during their stay in the city has probably been there at least a few times. It's also large enough that it's going to be difficult to survey in its entirety. ]

In deference to Mr Holmes' abatement strategy being new, I am offering to hold off the Red Mist's deployment for one week from today, in order to give you time to assemble the necessary components to stabilize its effects on a large scale as he has claimed success in doing.

I look forward to this most auspicious day.

[ Daseng will not be replying, but characters may talk amongst themselves. ]
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You know what's really boring? Being stuck inside without anything to do.

Sherlock hasn't let me out of his sight for days, and the only thing left here to read is chemistry textbooks.