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[The video opens on a somewhat charming smile. The man in it seems very sure of himself, and utterly unrattled by his new situation.]

Hey. Captain Jack Harkness here, and I've got to say it's a pretty nice turtle you've got. She's not exactly where I was trying to get, but seeing as this place seems short on the killer reality tv shows...pretty minor quibble.

I've already met a few of the locals - thanks again guys, and sorry about those vegetables - but I'm always open to meet more people. Local, not-so-local, I don't really mind either way since it looks like I'll have some free time.

Other than company, all I'm in the market for right now's a job and maybe some tools, if someone's willing to lend them - I have a piece of tech that got broken in transit somehow, and I'd really rather get it back in one piece.

[He raises his left arm to show off a leather cuff with what appears to be a communicator inside. It's been fried.]

I'm sure we can work something out in exchange, I've been told I'm pretty good with my hands.

[He laughs a little, at his joke, and there's a moment of dead air after it. Just when the pause starts to get uncomfortably long he makes a show of clearing his throat.]

And oh, Doctor, Rose? [His smile tightens, just barely. Appears just a bit forced.] If you're out there, looks like I'm alive after all. Which I'm kind of hoping you two didn't know, because seriously? There are much nicer ways to let a guy down.
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So I was looking at the calendar, and I just realized I've been here more than a year. That's just weird to think about.
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[Aly looks a little chagrinned, and blows out her breath with a "whuff" sound.]

Okay, I have a confession to make. The name I've given out isn't the one I usually go by. It's Aly. But you can still call me Keahi. I don't really care.

[She shrugs.]

No such thing as an overabundance of caution, right? And for any faeries out there...this is your only warning to stay well clear. You try and step, and me and Dr. Bonkers will fix the little problem of you being alive.

That's all.

private, to devin;
[Aly looks like the cat that ate the canary.] Told you I could work with hardball.
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[ Waking in a new world was definitely not something Marinette expected to greet her when she opened her eyes. On the plus side, she had her belongings with her - even Tikki, though the kwami seemed very groggy and tired. She reassured Marinette she'd be fine, it wasn't like when she got sick back then, so Marinette let the kwami sleep and devoted her attention to finding out where she was and exactly what was going on. Cut to about...two hours later, when she accesses the network, her mind spinning with the information she'd been given. ]

[ She probably found her way to one of the console cafe's honestly, but she presents herself with a polite smile (if a little bit awkward). ]
[ She pauses, as something occurs to her. Her first option should have been making her way to that Welcome Center to stay, but she had prioritized getting Tikki some food instinctively. Hopefully it'd help the kwami recover. ]

I'll ... probably be at this cafe for a little bit longer, but I really should have a look around soon too.

[ She'd totally doesn't think anyone from home is here either. She hesitates a moment to consider her topics, and finally settles on one. ]

So, I guess I'll be seeing you all around! If you've got any suggestions of places to take a look at, I'm open to ideas.

[ She needed to get her bearings in this place after all, especially with what's been going on. Once from the ground.. and then once from the air, when Tikki was recovered. Before ending her connection though, she grins and flashes a cheerful V'sign. Peace Out? ... so lame, Marinette. ]
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[ Guess who's been out of jail for a couple weeks now? He also can't believe he has to make this post again, because he's starting to think that damned ledger is haunted, and that's coming from someone who is literally haunted. ]

Penny's gone, which means I'm down an employee. Whoever wants the fastest trick out of this place and can count, congratulations you have a job.
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Attacking the innocent and helpless as a demonstration of might is the province of the cowardly and craven. Only those who know their ideas and beliefs are built on shaky ground resort to such tactics rather than discussing their truths in the cold light of day.

Y᷆o᷅ů h̓a͘v᷾e͑ m̗a᷈d̳e͒ mͫȧn̻y̦ p͚o᷾w̻e᷁r᷁f̛ùlͮ eͨn͉e̓m͌i̔e̓s̼ t̴oͩd̔a͘y᷂.̗

Pͦ᷉̾e͚ͮͅr͐͌᷀h̴᷿ͧa̩̼ͅp̣̜᷀s̴͖͠ t̫̯ͫhͥ̄ͥe̸̶᷂ o̘̦ͥn̲᷁͜e͎᷉᷀ y͙̾͛o̪͓ͤu̘͚̙ s̟̋ͣh̠͙͡o̞᷆͊u̇ͥ͜l̼ͩ͋d̊̐͝ f͈̲̕ę̷᷄a̠͐͟r̯̱̍ t͖̥͢h᷾̓͜e̐̐̐ m̳̱̀o̴̗̅s̫̄̈́t̹͖̆ ȋ̦᷁s̡̾͆ m͂ͥ͠e͇ͣ͐.̸̦̏

[And Miles will not be responding to anything, because the nanite interference from his anger-summoning of the Walrider Swarm while he wrote this has hecked up his radio so badly that it's basically a brick now.]

[Three-quarters of an hour later, private video to Pepper from a console in the Hotel:]

...I think I broke my phone.

[He looks tired and drawn, but there's still a spark of anger deep in his eyes.]
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[ The feed is audio only, but it likely wouldn't have mattered, given that the kedan are shapeshifters and he's making introductions anyway. Pointedly, this broadcast goes to all consoles, whether Foreigner or kedan owned-- the more people who see this, the better. ]

My name is Daseng. I am the leader of those which this city have naively been calling "cultists", even though that is far from accurate. Those who have chosen to follow the path of Malicant are visionaries, who have chosen not to accept the submissive rule of Emperors past and tyrants present.

I wish to personally thank the Foreigner called Sherlock Holmes, for aiding us in resolving the outlying issues in the chemical and biological components of Red Mist as recently announced by him. As a token of my sincere gratitude, I generously offer you the location of our next testing site: the Sagala textiles market, in the Earth Sector.

[ It's a sprawling and and heavily trafficked location... anyone who's ordered custom clothing during their stay in the city has probably been there at least a few times. It's also large enough that it's going to be difficult to survey in its entirety. ]

In deference to Mr Holmes' abatement strategy being new, I am offering to hold off the Red Mist's deployment for one week from today, in order to give you time to assemble the necessary components to stabilize its effects on a large scale as he has claimed success in doing.

I look forward to this most auspicious day.

[ Daseng will not be replying, but characters may talk amongst themselves. ]
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You know what's really boring? Being stuck inside without anything to do.

Sherlock hasn't let me out of his sight for days, and the only thing left here to read is chemistry textbooks.

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I...apologize if this message comes at an inconvenient time for some--[Aya was well aware of the many ongoing events of the present, and the tension resulting from those involved in just one, let alone multiple]--but...

I wish to better understand the concept of embracing one's negative emotions.  Anger.  Hatred.  Rage.  Sadness.  How one is best able to do so, and what motivations drive an individual towards them.

[It was here that Aya's normally emerald hue briefly flickered a more bluish-green.  Not the blue of Saint Walker's Blue Lantern light, but a much darker shade  The blue was gone as quickly as it appeared, however, before Aya finished her thought.]

Most of all, I would like to know if the...pain...is ultimately worth it.
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I'd like to get away from earth awhile
And then come back to it and begin over.
May no fate willfully misunderstand me
And half grant what I wish and snatch me away
Not to return. Earth's the right place for love:
I don't know where it's likely to go better.
– Robert Frost, "Birches"
[Someone's been thinking a lot since her little Dreaming incident. She'd have read it aloud, but she didn't want to cry. Not in public, anyway.]
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I’ve made a fascinating discovery about your Red Dust.

[ For a moment that seems to the end of it but added as, what seems to be an after thought- ]

Oh, and it looks like I've managed to figure out how to stabilise it before you. Tough break that.

If you're feeling the need to try and extract the information from me, I invite you to try.

You know where I'll be.


May 9th, 2017 04:18
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[ Sheena's broadcasting in voice so no one can see how tired she is between work and keeping Gnome around for as long as she possibly can so he can work.

But it's still pretty obvious in her voice--which doesn't seem quite as robust as usual. As if she's trying not to yawn. ]

Ummm... This will probably sound like a strange question, but has anyone ever had separate dreams combine into one dream--yet still be totally real at the same time?

I've never had anything like that happen before I came here...

[ Whoops. Maybe this is something she should have discussed with Raine? ]


[ And a small yawn comes through before the feed ends. ]
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I have an important announcement.

The accusations made last week are serious ones, and we at the Guild of Justice and Arbitration would be remiss if we did not at least give them some weight.

I have asked Valdis to temporarily abdicate from her position as Chief of the KPD during this investigation, to which she has agreed.

For the good of the city, we all hope that the accusations are in fact as spurious as you have argued, and that this investigation will conclude quickly.

Thank you for your understanding.

[She is at least 80% sure that there will be little-to-no understanding.]


May 8th, 2017 22:42
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[Penny's leaning back in a cafe chair, feet up on what's presumably another chair as he clicks on the video. He's casually smoking a cigarette. Chilling. He sighs, as if this is such a chore.]

I told some little teenage mutant nerd turtle I would pass on a message, so here it is: If you're a foreigner, and you adopted a turtle.. or you birthed a hatchling, or..? It wasn't very clear. Whatever. If you were some kind of parental turtle figure, Quintet- Quantum? said they're all doing fine and not to worry.

Even though they're basically playing on their mom's grave, which is a little weird to me, but maybe turtles dig that, I don't know.

I'm sure you'll have some dumb questions I can't answer, but go ahead.

[He takes another drag on his smoke and posts the video.]
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I keep feeling like I've forgotten something important about today.
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[ Trying to do something with the Foreigner's Guild has been stressful and disheartening for Sonja, with some ups and downs. Mostly downs. But what she's hearing from the Kedan is that they want the Foreigner's Guild to have a spokesperson, and are already losing confidence in the foreigners to actually select one. Her conversation with with Rosyn did something to spur her on, but she's still left unsure.

But with the Court of Public Opinion meeting less than a week away, she at least needs to make an attempt. The last gasp, as it were. If the Foreigner's refused to have any kind of unity, well. All they'd have to do is not show up. ]

Hello again. Sonja here. Hi.

[ Here to bug you about the guild you don't care about again. Don't worry its the last time. ]

So the Kedan will be holding a meeting on High Crimes in the Courtyard of Public Opinion on the 10th and they kind of expect the Foreigner's guild to be sending a spokesperson.

So- I haven't been getting a lot of... feedback on anything. I realize I was probably a little over ambitious last time I spoke about it, so... sorry about that. This is gonna be a little more straightforward.

I'm holding a meeting at the Welcome Center on the 5th. It'll serve a dual purpose: first just as a roll call for all members of the Foreigners guild. Secondly to choose a spokesperson.

I don't imagine it will be a very big gathering, so I don't think there'll be much call for anything as elaborate as an anonymous poll, but we can do something like that if everyone wants it. I think it'll be more like people put a couple of nominations forth and we settle it with a show of hands.

[ Is that it? ]

Uh, I think that's it. See you there, hopefully.
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[ Kylo Ren has been watching recent developments on Tu Vishan with growing unease. He had started out thinking Valdis an annoyance, then a danger, but with the new guild structure, the KPD's power is only being consolidated - and thus, her power. It's not a good development for an enemy of hers.

He might have been willing to let it rest, if he hadn't overheard a drugged-out-of-his-mind KPD member mention that he is on the watch list. It had been the last push to take action.

But what to do? It took more listening and more than a little bit of luck, but now Kylo is ready to send a message which will hopefully sow seeds of discontent – and isn’t that one of the strategies of the Dark Side? Not one he had bothered with before or is particularly skilled in… but before, he didn’t need to bother with subterfuge. ]

I have learned that Valdis of the KPD knew the water supply would be targeted. If you don’t believe me, ask the officers she used to aide her.

The KPD has been hunting the Cultists for months, but for all its powerful Foreigner detectives it has nothing to show.

I demand she explain why she did not prevent the attack when she knew it was coming. I demand she explain why she protects Cultists instead of our citizens. And I dare her to explain why she calls herself a protector, but carries a dangerous sword.

How can we be certain that the shapeshifter we put our trust in is who she claims to be?

All Foreigners have secrets, but I want to know if hers are dangerous to us before I can trust her again.

[OOC: He will respond, though he might keep it short and vague to prevent giving himself away. Feel free to also talk among yourselves!]
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[Greetings and Salutations, fellow turtle-dwellers! Some may have noticed Zatanna's silence until now regarding certain events, but today, she greets the open console network with an unusually contemplative look. Eyes still slightly turned upward, arms folded over her chest, she leans back into her chair and allows herself a deep breath before sitting up and forcing the best attempt at a diplomatic smile she could muster.]

I had a very interesting conversation recently with Odyni.

This isn't really something we bring up much...mostly because there's no reason to...but the Welcome Center? Jokes aside, it hasn't just been running on my charm and magic all these years. Once upon a time, we were funded by the Emperor.  After they both died, we struck up a deal with Aroyan, who was cool enough to vouch for us on behalf of the Merchant's Guild and help keep us going. Then after he was gone, Odyni made the choice to keep that relationship open.  Which she really didn't have to do, so I've always been pretty grateful to her for that.

[Little backstory for everyone. The more you know ==✰]

There's been some ongoing talk about these new Guilds forming, which makes sense, but for a while, I wasn't exactly sure what that meant for us.  I mean, our job is mainly to help newcomers adjust to life in Keelai.  Help out with any questions people might have about things.  Give directions.  Provide resources.  That sort of thing.  So it made sense that a bunch of people have already assumed we'd just sign up for the Foreigners' Guild.  Except if we did that, I wasn't sure how it would affect our funding.

But here's the thing: Odyni is still willing to help, even if we did.  Which I think is great news on a bunch of levels, because it means we can all keep playing nice with one another even if we're in different Guilds.   I mean--and these are her words, not mine--she did mention something about liking us to have a "preferential relationship" between the two Guilds, keep communications open, that sort of thing.   Which I don't think sounds too unreasonable, considering.  That was the only string attached.

What do you guys think?
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[Valdis looks tired, but more in an emotional way than anything else.]

Some of you may already know, but for those of you who don't. I am moving out of the Midnight Hotel. My friend, Wan, built a house in the Sky Sector, near the gardens, some time ago. That's where you will find me from now on. [A short laugh] I can't vouch for the cat though, he has a mind of his own.

[More solemn now]

The main reason for this is so I can be closer to the KPD and the Iron Circle, when it is completed. With that in mind, you may have noticed that I have not added anything to discussion regarding the Foreigner's Guild. This is because I have decided to join the Guild of Justice and Arbitration, [As was only fitting for the head of the KPD], and put the sponsorship of the KPD under its control.

It has come to my attention that the laws here are not always easy to uphold, [recent events had made that very, very clear]. But hopefully this guild system will be good for all of us.
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[This is so counter to everything Devin normally does, but there's no point in beating around the bush. Best to tell the truth and then let the chips fall where they may.]

It's not generally my custom to announce myself so formally, but it seems to be the norm around here, and I believe this will save me a great deal of time and energy. My name is Devin Parker, and I am a vampire. [He grins, revealing a slightly elongated set of canines to make his point.] If you're even remotely aware of any variety of my species, you're probably also aware that we need to consume blood to live. [There are stories about the essence-consuming ones, but none actually exist in his world.] Sadly, I'm no exception to this rule; however, I don't hurt people to get what I need, so you've no cause to worry that I'm going to jump out at you from a dark alleyway late at night. [The smirk turns a little wicked.] I can do that in daylight.

[He's joking. Probably.

Briefly, Devin's expression turns more serious.]

That said, I do still need what I need. Not often; and not in great quantities; and, if at all possible, not from the vein. Anyone willing to volunteer, I can provide further details.

[The vampire leans back in his chair, hands folded and smiling slyly again.]

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

[He's sure there will be many.]