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[The computer terminal isn't anything new to Grave, although the specifics take a moment to figure out. After that, though, he's activating the feed and getting right to it.]

Just when you think that you've seen everything technology has to offer, there lands yet another surprise in your lap.

[He doesn't look particularly impressed or surprised, really.]

I've really just got one question at the moment... Was that a cow? Not that I've ever seen a real, breathing cow anywhere around home... I don't think anyone has in the last ten years, actually, but there are pictures in holo-books. Maybe GeneCo should expand from human biology and take up endangered and extinct animal species.

God knows, I could rip right into a natural fucking hamburger that wasn’t made up of bi-products I can’t even pronounce.

I’m not too sure how happy I am to have been dropped into the ocean, [He gives a half shrug.] but it's already a good deal nicer than home. Nice pad, by the way. Still, it seems quite the eclectic group of people hereabouts and with such diversity comes business, and that’s one gift horse I’m not going to look in the mouth. [He smiles and many might think it the smile of a predator and in many ways, it is.] Every market has a sub-market, so they say, and it’ll just take a bit of poking around to find it here.

[His smile slips then, his expression growing serious.]

Hey, Kid, you around?
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You've never seen a cow where you're from? [They're so abundant back home what.]
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[She is the most unimpressed and completely ignores the attempted charm]

2037? You're from the future then. [A pause as she mulls this information over, but it extends into something longer than one might consider polite and normal. Then she comes back to the conversation.] Yes, we've got cows. A lot of them, actually.
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[flatly:] I don't use any of those things. But I guess facebook's a little big right now, I think. My pop culture's a little slack. Disco's been over for a while though. Since the late 70s. Early 80s, at most.
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20[insert year of roughly the present day because it's never explicitly stated in the books!! sob]

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skdfsdkfd XD

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You've really never had real meat before?
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That is gross as hell. Ugh! Go get a real hamburger, man.
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Hell if I know, I just got here too. I'm working on finding the best way to talk to this stupid demon turtle.

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Eugh, beef, how...


[ahaha. ahahahaha.

Yeah. He went there. Wherever there is.
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...That's disgusting.
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I -- Sweetheart?! I'm hardly -- I am not--

[Compose yourself before you embarrass yourself, Megamind.]

I tend to have an aversion to fine dining upon what one could consider a domesticated being generally kept to keep one company.

And beer is ghastly. I prefer...a simple merlot.

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audio 1/2

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And you did not think ask whether it was a cow?

[A very honest approach where he comes from. It's usually rather obvious, but most folk have no issue clarifying their species.]
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[A huff of breath.]

I can no more answer that question than they could tell you what I am. A question is only worth its salt when it is asked to the right person.
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I am Shifu. [A correction of the name, though he leaves the title off.]

What I have told you is but one teaching of Kung Fu. There are many, for those with the patience to learn and ask the right questions.

[Yeah, he might have just said that.]

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