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Where can you go to confess your sins when there are no churches here?

[At the console cafe, Kaine stares at the picture that brought this all on...]
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That would depend on what you were hoping to get out of the confession, wouldn't it?
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Did you only need spiritual guidance, or something else?
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He sounds like a wise man. ( even though half the time that's an oxymoron. )

If you can't find a priest here, it might help just to talk to someone.
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You want to confess, and understand.

You don't seem like a bad person, not right now.
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But you still want to take it.
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I realize this isn't the same, but if you can't find someone else to speak to you're free to talk to me. I'm a pretty good listener, and I can keep my share of secrets.
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I do not lie.

But I realize that isn't the easiest thing to believe.
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I'm not the sole exception. People can be honest, if they'd let themselves.

But truth is something of a calling of mine. If I lied, I'd be betraying that.
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I live in the Wood Sector. You're welcome to meet me at ( some location ) anytime.

My name is Diana, by the way.
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I will wait, then.

( ooc / would you like to action/log/handwave?? )
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( she's never really had to worry about meeting strangers alone-- not only is diana pretty impervious to most harm, she lives by a philosophy of trust. she thinks that if she extends it first, she's more likely to get it in return. so while she isn't exactly naive, she's determined to think the best of the strange anonymous presence on the network.

she waits for him outside, sitting by a fountain with one leg crossed neatly over the other. after a few days on the turtle, she's donned traditional kedan clothing over her costume-- loose and flowing, and in her preferred color of white. still, there's no mistaking her as an outsider. she's a tall and imposing presence, dark curls loose around her shoulders. she looks like an amazon, even sitting down.

she's brought her lasso with her, should it be needed. but she hopes it won't. when she sees a presence headed towards the building, she gets to her feet to head them off. )
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That's right. Do I get to know your name, or do you prefer "anonymous"?

( it might sound like a quip, but she wouldn't force his name out of him if he didn't want to give it. )
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( her smile when he responds is almost blindingly bright. )

It's nice to meet you, Kaine. Would you like to sit down?

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