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[Penny's sitting in a public cafe, looking as generally stoic and grumpy as ever.]

I need someone with medical skills, like a nurse or something. And someone who can prescribe drugs, or sells them. You can meet me here if you don't want to answer, but don't waste my time.

[He provides the name of the cafe and its address, then pauses. He's not the most talkative guy.]

Is there some kind of library?
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[Amberdrake is as colorfully-dressed as ever. There are tiny golden bells woven into his hair among the occasional braid, string of beads, or feather. He's very put-together, today; every hair in place.]

I am a Healer, and have learned something of the local herbs. I don't know if you're looking for something stronger, but I have found equivalents to some of the things on my world... it would help to know what the use is. Anti-inflammatory? Topical numbing?

[Drake spreads his hands. Like he said, what he knows of may not be enough, but it's hard to tell with so little information!]
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The tea I drink probably wouldn't be enough for you if they're very bad. But if you get any particularly awful instances, I could soothe it on a case-by-case basis for you.

[Drake offers an apologetic smile.]

Nothing permanent, I'm afraid. Not unless it's caused by something like restricted blood flow, or an over-stimulated nerve cluster, or something else purely physical. Those things, I can simply fix.
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[Drake tilts his head slightly to one side, curious.]

I can fix bleeding wounds... yes. And other kinds.
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[Cue Drake tilting his head a little further to one side; a bird-like mannerism. Or gryphon-like, as the case may be.]

'The damn thing'?

[Don't tease the total stranger, don't tease the total stranger... Amberdrake smiled a little in faint confusion.]

I can also do surgical procedures, if your 'doc' isn't here. What are you needing removed?