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009; console; video

[Raine has spent much of her week attempting to handle several things at once, and as a result she looks both tired and slightly harried when she appears on video. All the same, there's something she hasn't handled which needs now to be outsourced.]

I'm looking for a Foreigner who arrived here a week or two ago. He's about a head taller than I am-- broad shoulders, auburn hair, carries a single longsword. His name is Kratos.

Should you see him, please don't try to apprehend or otherwise attack him. Simply inform him that I need to speak to him.

[She doesn't know why he's avoiding her. Although she has her suspicions, to confirm any of them would require talking to Kratos and finding out when he's from. Raine hesitates, then adds, very carefully:]

Depending on his point of origin, I may have some messages to relay to him from Lloyd.

...Thank you.

[And back to work. Perhaps this will bear fruit.]
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You do remember he was the cause of a lot of our problems, right? Being antagonistic's practically how he greets people.

[But fine, that's mostly Zelos's personal bias talking. He sighs.]

Fine. I won't try to force him.
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[Siiiiiiigh. She's right. That doesn't mean Zelos has to be happy about it. And it definitely doesn't mean he has to recognise his own hypocrisy.]

You said we defeat him, right? Mithos, I mean.[Something in Zelos's eyes is dark as he looks away.] Looking forward to that.

[And end video feed.]