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[Even though he had been shown how to use the console in his suite close to 5 times now, Kaine still finds himself fiddling with it when the feed turns on. There was a reason why, after buying him a laptop (with Kaine's money) and multiple attempts at teaching him how to use it, his friend Wally just accepted the 3 AM visits whenever Kaine needed to run a simple Google search. But the clone was desperate, and now here he is.

How desperate, you ask? Well, he's currently wearing an over-sized, tacky "I <3 NY" souvenir t-shirt and an expression that's a cross between a pout and a scowl.
] Where can I buy a normal shirt? I'm down to this one and there's no way in hell I'm wearing it again. [A pause.] For the record, by "normal shirt" I mean a t-shirt or something along those lines. I'll take a jacket at this point too.

[He shifts in his seat, discomfort pouring out of him as he tugs at the hem of his comically large shirt. He hates asking for assistance, but he's been searching for something for a couple days now and keeps coming up empty.

His face turns to a scowl again when he adds:
] And to the person who took my good shirt--you know who you are--I want it back. Take this one.

[He pauses after that, as there's something else he wants to say, but doesn't actually want to say it. The thought of asking it causes him to grit his teeth, and the beginning of it comes out like a growl.] I'm also looking for a job. Something like a bouncer or a bodyguard... [Glances down at something off camera.] I'm, uh, good with my hands, and not that it matters here but I'm fluent in four languages.

[With that, he's officially gone past his comfort zone and he attempts to quickly turn the damn thing off--key word being attempts. He lets out a slew of curses, and right before he finally manages to turn it off, he can be seen depositing some juulan into a large, clear container labeled "Swear Jar" already a quarter full just before the screen finally goes black.]
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video; earth sector

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[Someone is amused.]

You keep putting juulan in there, and pretty soon you can buy yourself a nice bar of soap to wash that fucking mouth out with.
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I am nothing but sunshine and ocean breezes. Still wince when you think?

[Yes, it still fucking hurts. Go on a diet.]
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Re: video;

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Unlike you, I'm not made of pork rinds and baked beans.

[Excuse you, it's not like Ric is completely skin and bones. Just because a guy isn't build like a Mac truck doesn't mean he needs to bulk up.]
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I'm saving it for when I tell you to 'get along, little dogy.'
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Re: video;

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[Blame Roy Rogers.]

You know I don't care, right? I'm not from New York, and I'm giving you this much of a hard time over hating that shirt. Only New Yorkers are allowed to hate that shirt.
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Fuck you, buddy.
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If you were a hipster, you'd pull off that shirt.
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... forget it.
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I think I'm good.