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1st [Action | Text]

[Action (Batman)]

[In the Fire Sector today, there might be something seen that strikes unusual. A blur of black and red, going from rooftop to alleyway, in the sky and sprinting through the shadows. If someone catches sight it at the right time it should be clear what it is: a man in all black, with a red bat symbol on his chest.

If he stops it's only for a few short moments, as it observes it's surrounding area. But only for a few moments and nothing more, before it continues on. Whether it'll stop if called out...well that's be to seen if someone is willing to call out to it.

[Voice (Terry)]

Hey, people living on giant turtle...ok, here goes my pride out the window so get ready. Those Kedan dregs? Didn't give me any clothes! So right now? Completely naked! Nice guys, really. I enjoyed taking a ride down turtle lane but I got to be honest it was a little chilly.


I need clothes. Anyone got some to spare? Mens size and I still have my underwear on, so there's that. I'll give you some of my, uh, juulan if you do, since I can't go buy clothes like this and all. Name's Terry by the way. Let me know if you can help. And try not to laugh too hard at my misery.

[Ok so he isn't actually naked and he's wearing the suit while covering up his window curtains (and locked said windows just in case), but all he had was the suit he came in with. He can't exactly be in it 24/7 and he doesn't want to be so this is his best plan. May as well ask the hopefully friendly people over this computer for help...even if it means he'll have to actually get naked for whoever shows up.]

[ooc: action prompt for those who wanna meet terry as batman, voice prompt for those who wanna meet him as himself!]
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[Kaine was standing above an alleyway with his suit in it's invisibility setting when he nearly got barreled over by a red and black blur. He willed the suit back into sight and shot a strand of webbing past the blur in warning.]

Hey, watch it! [...Never mind that this guy had no way of knowing he was there.]
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[Points in a direction.] That way--city on a turtle. [Points in another direction.] That way--city on a turtle. [Points in a third direction.] That way--city on a turtle.

[He knows what you meant, but he's feeling like an asshole tonight. He doesn't like to be nearly run over, even if, again, the other guy had no possible way of knowing he was there.]
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Tortoises live on land. [He's not sure when he even learned that to remember it.]

I take it you're new.
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action; (I'm so sorry I never got a notif)

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It happens.

[Looks out at the Fire Sector.] This is where you're going to see the most action. Here and Earth, but mainly here.
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The first kind. There's been a distinct lack of the second... Though I'm sure you've heard about the boogeyman.
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Whatever you want to call him.

[Sighs] I'm from Houston, we don't deal with this kind of shit there. [Except that one time...]