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You go too far, Iron Man! You know not what you have done, knavish cullion. I will relish taking my revenge, make no mistake. I hate you, hate, with every ounce of my being and this shall not be a mistake you ever dare repeat.

[ Loki's mad. Real mad.

Just in case that wasn't obvious.

I was on level four hundred and thirty-three! [ His voice goes high enough it cracks on the last word, and he huffs before continuing. ] Why would you even do that? Is this not against your Midgardian Geneva Conventions? Candy Crush Saga should be sacred and untouchable.

[ He hasn't even checked his other games yet. He deflates somewhat, plaintively fussing: ] It's just so rude.
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...Are you seriously throwing a temper tantrum over some stupid cell phone game? [Aaand that's the full extent of Kaine's knowledge on candy crush. He wasn't going to say anything at first, but... really?]
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All that was missing was a foot stamp.
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Well then congratulations, you're the first. [Hold on a minute, did this kid just say "god?"]
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Let me guess, "smiting"?
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Over some stupid game on your cell phone?
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I've seen my girlfriend [Okay that was still kind of weird, acknowledging he had a girlfriend.] play that thing, it's a stupid cell phone game.

You mean to tell me there's some sort of smiting guidelines?
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[He's... still sort of wondering how he has a girlfriend himself.]

Standards that involve throwing a hissy fit on an open network?
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Yeah, you've said that, but I still don't believe you.
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And apparently I need to repeat that I heard you the first time, so what does that say about you?
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