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MEMORY 1 ☠ video

[What greets the feed is a pair of frowning blue eyes and the sounds of buttons being hit on the console, along with the mutterings of a Welsh-accented voice.]

Is this blasted device going to function...? Might be a kick or two will sort it out--

[Thankfully, before he resorts to that, the man realises he's done something correctly and the feed is displaying. He draws back, revealing a tanned, weather-beaten and scarred face, and a nose that looks like it's been mashed in at least once, all framed by a mess of blond hair. The man seems cheery enough, at least, despite his potentially fierce appearance.] Ah-- Ahoy, lads and ladies. Seems I'm a new addition to this little turtle-backed voyage. Name's Edward.

[He almost considered giving a false name, but really, who would recognise him in this place? And even if they did, they'd pose no threat to him, alone and without allies here. In any case...]

This wouldn't be the first time I've been whisked away by some Emperor or another, but I've little reason to bend the knee to this one. [He smiles, mirthlessly.] To business, then. I'd be much obliged if one of you charming bunch could introduce yourselves, and tell me where the best place is to knock back a drink.

[Priorities. So in order.]
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[These are priorities Kaine can approve of.]

There's a cheap place in the fire district, to the right of the big fire fountain. And while it might be cheap, their stuff doesn't taste like watered down piss either. [And when you've drank in as many dives as he has, you can appreciate that fact.]
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[Glances behind him, as if looking for someone, before looking back at the camera and shrugging.] Fuck if I know. Fire sector likes fire, metal likes metal, so on and so forth. No clue why. Don't really care.
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Why does it matter why?

Just over a month.
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[Shrugs. He doesn't see the point, but if this guy wants to that's his prerogative.]

Eventful, but not for the reasons you're thinking. Anyone give you the time and space talk yet?
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The short version of it is everyone here comes from different universes and points in time. It's one big pain in the ass. If people you know show up, the might have no idea who you are, or come from your future. Or they might sort of be like the people you know, but they're... different.

So now my older brother is my younger brother, and I have a niece. And neither one is from my universe.
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[Rubs his temple.] You have no idea.