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001 [Video]

[It's hard to be sure of the camera's angle, but it's definitely propped up somehow, with the speaker hanging upside-down from the ceiling, because why not. Scrawny, scruffy, in his early teens, and some kind of fuzzy, blue elf-demon. When he speaks, it's with a clipped Brooklyn accent.]

So... the turtle is new and different. I've done space whales, but not reality-turtles.

Anyway. Longshot, but any of my team here? Lookin' for a General James Howlett especially, or Miz Alison Blaire? ...Hercules? ...Emmaline Frost-Summers? I mean, she doesn't even like me and I think she's a goddess now, but worth a shot.

Guessing not, though, so does anybody need somethin' fixed? Because I hate being bored, and unless somebody's got a mission that needs doing, I'mma be a huge pain in the butt.
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Even if they are here--which I can't say Iv'e come across anyone with those names--they might not be the ones you're looking for.
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I didn't realize you were being specific, as I have no idea who the hell those people are. [Well he sort of does but he hasn't realized it yet.]
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It's stranger than it sounds. [And it already sounds pretty damn strange.]

...Are you some kind of mini X-Man or something?
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I didn't mean it like that... I meant one of those... training X-Men. Kids. From Wolverine's school.
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There's like what, 12 of you left? And they're being picky about this?
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[Stupid, he shouldn't have assumed whatever it was that happened to the mutants happened in this kid's world too.

] "At the time"?
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So all this crap, all of this... [What did he call it?] "Multiverse" crap is old hat to you?

[He doesn't touch upon the "locked in a tube" thing. It reminded him too much of prison, and more importantly of how he came into this world. Suffice to say it's a topic he'd rather not talk about, and he thought the kid might feel the same way.]
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[And Kaine's more than content to not bring it up.] There some sort of trick to it? Like a way to get off this fucking turtle?
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Damn. [Sighs.] Worth a shot.
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Don't. I figured it was a long shot, anyway.