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video; anonymous location

[Kaine was sitting at one of the numerous cafes in the Earth sector, wearing his Scarlet Spider costume and feeling like an idiot in doing so. Unfortunately, he couldn't make this as Kaine, not when he couldn't remember the kid's real name to save his life.

At least this time he knew how to work the damn console.

If you know who I am, check in. I might have something that belongs to you.

[Could that have been less cryptic? Probably. Hopefully it works.]
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[Miles sees this, goes "hey, it's the violent guy!" then rushes to put his suit on and heads to a cafe in Water.]

Yeah, I know you.
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Something of mine? [Luckily, Miles recognizes the cafe Kaine's in.] Stay where you are, I'll come get it.
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[Soon enough, Miles is at the cafe and heads in, instantly spotting the other spider-clad patron.]

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[Miles peeks inside, just quick enough to see a picture of his family before shutting the bag again.]

Yeah, I'll do that. Thanks.
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[Miles puts the bag under his arm and takes the web cartridges in both hands, eyeing them suspiciously.]

Different how?
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[Well now Miles has a name to put with the costume, at least.

That doesn't really answer his question, or stop him eyeing them.]

So are you gonna tell me what they do different? Or should I just test 'em out and see?
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[Grabs hold of the bag and gestures to the door.] Fine by me.
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[Right behind ya.]
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[He does so, aims it at an empty bit of roof, and..... ]
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[Underneath the mask, Miles' eyebrows go sky high.] Whoa! That's awesome!
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What does this one do? [He says as he loads it into the shooter.]
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[AAAAND he'll be taking it back out of the shooter now. No need to fire a test shot when Kaine just told him what it does.]

Good to know. And good to have. Thanks.
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Spider-sense... that's that weird feeling you get right before something bad happens? Yeah, I have that. Not sure how we test whether they work with mine or not.

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