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video; anonymous location

[Kaine was sitting at one of the numerous cafes in the Earth sector, wearing his Scarlet Spider costume and feeling like an idiot in doing so. Unfortunately, he couldn't make this as Kaine, not when he couldn't remember the kid's real name to save his life.

At least this time he knew how to work the damn console.

If you know who I am, check in. I might have something that belongs to you.

[Could that have been less cryptic? Probably. Hopefully it works.]
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video; anon

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[Okay, curiosity caught the spider. After May catches sight of him on the network, she makes her way to a cafe in Metal, changing into costume part of the way there.]

Funny, I could say the same to you.

[Of course, she was planning on giving it to him in person instead of announcing it to the whole network, but plans change.]
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I found something you might be interested in.

[And she even has it on her, in her backpack. Which is out of sight, but still nearby.]

Meet me on that roof?

[She's not going to specify if she ca help it, but she's not going to run off without making sure he knows it's the one she met him on.]
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[You ask so nicely.]

There are only so many roofs we've been on.

[To whit, so far only one.]
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That's the one.

Meet you there.

[With that, she cuts the feed to leave.]

[She's waiting on said roof with her backpack when he arrives.]
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[Considering what a shocker it was to find a version of Kaine here, not to mention what he revealed to her, she definitely remembered which rooftop it was. Some things you just don't forget when it's part of a memory like that.

She has no problem with waiting, especially since it gives her time to swing her backpack off for when Kaine does arrive. She isn't sure how he'll feel about her having this photograph, but considering how pricky Kaine can get, she hopes he'll at least appreciate the fact she picked it up for him during its auction.

And then her spider-sense suddenly goes off, sending her spinning to face the direction it's coming from- it's the same feeling she gets off of Kaine, but there's no one there?]
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[May's spider-sense was far more sensitive than Peter's ever was, and as he moves, she's still tracking him, even if she can't see him. After a moment, she quickly shoots a tiny burst of webbing at where it says he should be next. Even if she can navigate and spot blind, it doesn't actually mean she wants to.]

Okay, I know you're there, but how are you doing that?
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I never took you for a wizard.

[She bolts for the envelope, rather than letting it fall to the ground.]

Really scarred, long gray hair and beard, and a coat that really didn't help you not look like a hobo. [It's said lightly, and in a good natured way, because why is he saying something like that?]

What's brought that on? Did you find a gray hair or something?
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[If there's anything she's learned, it's that with Kaine, actions usually speak louder than words.]

What's this?

[That and what he's not actually saying outright, so she shrugs off his comments as she opens the envelope.]
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[The photo puts her at a momentary loss of words when she pulls it out. Her, Benjy, Mom and Dad. All smiling for the camera. The first family photo with Benjy in it. Having it was a sudden reminder of how much she missed all of them.]

This- I- did you find it in one of those auctions?
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[She looks at it for a couple seconds more before carefully slipping it into the envelope, and unslings her backpack. The envelope goes in, and a similar one comes out, which she walks over with and offers to Kaine.]

I think we had the same idea.
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You're welcome.

[Really, she had wondered who the people in the photo besides Kaine were; whoever they were, he looked happy with them. Which was kind of strange, actually, in a heartwarming sort of way. Even Kaine deserved to be actually happy, whatever he thought of himself. Instead of taking pleasure from people being annoyed or being made miserable or otherwise suffering.

The fact that one of them was a teenaged girl who had to be around her age, maybe a bit younger, was a surprise, though. She didn't look like any of the others in the photo, but looked awfully friendly with Kaine, if the fact that she was trying (and failing massively!) to give him rabbit ears in it was anything to go by. And the fact that he wasn't reacting particularly negatively, it had to be the same from him! So who was she to him? There was definitely no way Kaine had a kid or something, much less someone near her age, he wasn't old enough for that. ...Right?]

Who are they? I mean, besides friends of yours.
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[The idea of Kaine having a romantic life manages to short circuit her brain more than the idea of Kaine with a kid.]


[She's still trying to process 'girlfriend'. Kaine, are you sure?]
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[Wow did he just say what she thinks he said? She's pretty sure he did. There's no way you can't claim you're not family now, Kai- wait, if he thinks of her that way here and hasn't even known her for very long, does that mean the Kaine from her universe think of her that way too? Let's not get ahead of yourself, Mayday!]

Right, right, I wasn't questioning the fact that you might have friends! I mean, even the you I know at home has some. [Kind of. Probably. He has a government backed task force of reforming supervillains? Uh. Normie Osborn can count, right?]

You just didn't strike me as the sort of who'd end up adopting? I'm guessing adoption anyways.

[If only she knew.]

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