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video; anonymous location

[Kaine was sitting at one of the numerous cafes in the Earth sector, wearing his Scarlet Spider costume and feeling like an idiot in doing so. Unfortunately, he couldn't make this as Kaine, not when he couldn't remember the kid's real name to save his life.

At least this time he knew how to work the damn console.

If you know who I am, check in. I might have something that belongs to you.

[Could that have been less cryptic? Probably. Hopefully it works.]
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perma video;

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Do you have an idea who the owner might be?
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Oh, I see. That makes things a little difficult.
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Yeah, I get it.

Do you know which Sector he lives in? Just in case he doesn't respond...if you spend some time in his Sector you might run into him sooner.
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Man. In that case I hope he sees this.

[Oh yeah. Introducing himself might be helpful...] I'm Teddy. Or Hulkling in this case. I'm a member of the Young Avengers. You...might have heard of us? [And if not this is really embarrassing.]
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['The Avengers kids?' Teddy grimaces slightly but nods.]

Yeah, that's us.
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Really? All good things I hope.
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Yeah, I mean they don't always get it right. [Hardly ever actually.]
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Kind of comes with the territory of being a hero, you know? For all the people who support you there will be other who don't. [He shrugs. Teddy is used to it by now.]
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What title were you expecting?
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[personal profile] hulkintraining 2014-02-03 12:49 am (UTC)(link) far as titles go it's not a bad one. You know?
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[Teddy nods.]

That's understandable. It took me awhile to get used to it too. And my team and I had been going for that title from the beginning. Well, we had other reasons too, but that was a big one.
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We didn't call ourselves that. The press did. The name just sort of stuck. I mean, at the time the Avengers had disbanded so we were just trying to step in a pick up the slack.

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