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Where can you go to confess your sins when there are no churches here?

[At the console cafe, Kaine stares at the picture that brought this all on...]
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text; also anonymous

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Airing your dirty laundry to the Network seems to be a popular option.
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Then I wish you luck.

If you wish to pray, I at least know where you can find a rosary.
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[You don't get raised by a nun and not learn to at least appreciate the effect prayer has.]

Fire Sector. The cafe by the markets. Look for the smallest person there.
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[Bean swings back to Damian's suite to retrieve his rosary, then positions himself at a console in the cafe he mentioned to wait.]
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You were. [Because it's a pretty obvious assumption this is the anon.]

I won't do names. Here. [He holds out the small, wooden rosary.] When you'd like to return it, you can call me Julian. I monitor the Network regularly.
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I obtained it during one of our landfalls, so I guess it's mine, but it holds no great personal value or anything. I don't pray, you want to, I have no problem letting you use it. [He shrugs. Going into any more detail about why he has it or what it means to him would ruin the anonymity of their encounter.]
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Right. To my knowledge, there are no other Julians here, so it should just be me who gets your message.
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I don't anticipate needing it, [It's just been sitting in the little ornamental box that Midii gave him,] but I'll remember that.

I hope this help relieve your troubles, "Donald."