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Where can you go to confess your sins when there are no churches here?

[At the console cafe, Kaine stares at the picture that brought this all on...]
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[Kyle just uses the default encryption.]

Kurt Wagner, he's been ordained. You can go talk to him.
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Yeah, why?

[Unlike a certain Saint-Croix, Kyle's tone is actually mild, and sincere. He has zero idea what the associations are in the Marvel Universe.]
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Let me guess. You stole something of his?
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You stole something from his friend?

[The shrug's almost audible.]

C'mon, throw me a bone, anon.
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[Face, meet your good friend palm.]

He's a priest - the whole point is they don't judge.
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Now you're just making excuses.

[An irritated snort.]

Look at the wall opposite and pretend the priest you usually talk to is there, and confess to him.
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[With mild annoyance:] Hey, if you've got a real need, set up a table and go through the process in your room or something. It's the spirit of the thing, right? That's not hard.
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[Kyle sighs very heavily.]

Calm down.

There's a reason you're asking for someone to confess to, right? If you're not going to talk to the priest, and you don't want to find someone else, what other options do you even have?

And don't say punching something, because that solves jack shit.
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[He sighs again.]

Sorry. I haven't met any others - pretty sure they'd be holding regular Mass if they were here.
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Good luck anyway, for what it's worth.
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Succeeding's a whole different ball-game, huh?

[He takes it with good humour.]

Keep your chin up, anon.