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Where can you go to confess your sins when there are no churches here?

[At the console cafe, Kaine stares at the picture that brought this all on...]
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I suppose I should offer for this.
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Because I'm not, I'm an angel.
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Like I'd ever be caught wearing that cheap knock-off shit that would be better used to wipe an ass!

[ Way to prove your holiness there, Stocking. ]
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You're the one who's pissing me off!
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You were the one asking about confession! Next time I just won't bother trying to help!
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I just said I was! Twice!

It's a stupid ass thing to claim randomly, don't you think??
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What do you want, a diploma from angel school?
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I'm a battle angel, why?
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[ That actually gets a laugh out of her, less abrasive than normal. ]

Nothing like that, no.
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Fight demons, slay Ghosts, the usual... the pay sucks though.