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Where can you go to confess your sins when there are no churches here?

[At the console cafe, Kaine stares at the picture that brought this all on...]
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You can go to the turtle's head and confess what ever you want there, you don't even have to talk. Asti's always listening.
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Oh. He'll only do that sometimes if you're asleep or meditating. So does a church have people that will talk to you or something?
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[That whole description just makes her stare at the text for minute. None of it made sense, and then she finds out it probably isn't supposed to.

She can't believe she's recommending this, but:]

Have you tried meditation instead? It helps balance out your inner spirit.

[Speaking from personal experience.]
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Sure, everyone does. It’s just really hard to get in touch with, so it’s easy to think it’s not there.

Trust me, I know.
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I can talk your ear off about being different, you’re not alone.

Just give it a shot, doesn’t hurt to try. I don’t think any of your world’s churches or priests are going to show up any time soon.
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First, let me ask: Is this Joe?

[The only anonymous texter she knows, so it’s worth a shot.]
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[That answers that question.]

Just someone I know.

Meditation sounds simple, but it’s not for a lot of people. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Doing it at the turtle’s head makes it a lot easier.
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Not your thing either, huh. The turtle's head make you feel calm and at peace, so meditating usually pretty easy there.
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Then I got nothing. We don’t have churches for people to talk to. Just friends and family.
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Anytime. Good luck!