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[Despite being on the turtle for nearly six months, this is Rictor's first video post. He's commented with video and audio, but has largely hidden behind anonymous consoles in cafes. What with Malicant having Network access and not trusting this whole politely-worded mass abduction, it's seemed prudent.

However, this post is going up as an unencrypted video feed, because he wants people to actually trust and use the code that he's come up with to help them, and not disregard it as a potential virus from the enemy.

He's typing at the keyboard as he talks.]

I'm attaching instructions to this, walking you through how to set up your console to ping someone else's mailbox if you haven't used your login to access the network in a set number of days. It feels like there's been an uptick in disappearances lately, and I haven't been the first one to notice.

Do your friends a favor and set this up so they don't have to ask if anyone's seen you and break into your place to see if it's been cleaned out yet. If you don't have any friends, do the rest of us a favor and set it up to somebody's box so we can keep track. Use that radio guy - Kent, or whatever his name is. Shit, use mine for all I care.

This song-and-dance of "I saw the kedan cleaning her place" out is bullshit, and only covers one kind of disappearance.
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[The feed kicks on to Nilin looking a little weary. Her day thus far hasn't been a good one and it's starting to show.]

Can anyone tell me where in this place I can get a drink? A good drink, mind you. The last bar I found tried to serve me something resembling dishwater.

[And it tasted what she imagines dishwater would taste like, too. There's a pause, and with a light sigh, Nilin speaks again.]

And, to the anonymous voice who spoke up when I first arrived. I'm listening.

[This time, she'll cooperate.]
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[Hawke doesn't like these consoles. In fact he doesn't much like anything more technologically advanced than say, a crossbow. Unfortunately this city is full of gadgets and gizmos he doesn't understand. Nilin helped show him just how vastly out of his league he is when it comes to such things. If he's going to be here for the long haul though, he needs to adapt. To adapt, he'll need some help.]

So who here has any know-how with these console things? I'm tired of barely knowing what I'm doing with this thing. There's already enough things in this city that make me feel stupid. I don't need one more.

[And after a certain encounter he doesn't trust his fellow Foreigners as much as he once did. Plus it might be helpful to know these things when you're in the smuggling business.]

And does anyone know anything about mind control? More specifically on how to stop it?

[If that summoner is the least bit competent he'll be able to piece this together easily. The thought doesn't bother Hawke. Let him think Hawke is scared, but he doesn't make the mistake of underestimating people. One of the reasons he comes out alive after all his battles.]
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[ There's a big ratty cardboard box set up in front of the console. Kotetsu's head is barely visible over the odd pile of film reels haphazardly tossed into the box. ]

Yo! Kotetsu here! [ He waves to the camera. ]

So months ago I was at that uhh land or country--You know with the customs and we had to give things just to get over and it was all expected? And they had those auctions! Hooo, they had some weird some stuff being auctioned off there!

Well, they had movies! Can you believe it? I was all "Awww man, they've got movies!" you know? Good ones too! Brings back the best childhood memories...

Uhh eh but the problem is... I sort of don't have... any way to play 'em ehh hehe...

Does anyone have a movie projector, you know, just lying around? I think they're uhmm-- [ Kotetsu grabs one of the reels and pulls back the celluloid strip. ] -- thirty-five millimeters?
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[To be honest, he would have preferred text, but this is a perfect opportunity to test out the console. The keyboard is self-explanatory. The video function isn't. One of the kedan had offered to show Skulduggery how it worked, but he’d politely declined. He didn’t particularly feel like being saddled with a guide for the entirety of his time here.]

Ah, there we go. Excellent.

[This does, of course, mean that he can now be seen. He was a little concerned about that when all of this was first being explained to him, but then he saw someone walking around in the city with blue skin and two heads. He’s rather less concerned now.

... He doesn't really have anything to ask, though, now that he’s thinking about it.]

Thank you. Carry on.

[Yes, that was a skull talking just then, Irish accent and moving jaw and all. Why do you ask?]
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[Mike clicks on the video. There's a large curved scab above his right eye, a wound still in the process of healing. He wears a smile, looking quite comfortable with the console.]

My name's Mike Weston. I was an agent with the FBI before coming here, but I understand that doesn't mean much now. I was last in Havenport, Maryland, in the United States of America, in the year two-thousand and twelve.

I'd appreciate any more insights people might have on what's going on around here. The kedan answered a lot of my questions, but I can't ask about what I don't know.

[He gives another smile before reaching over to click on an encryption.]

[encrypted 60%]
If there's a network, there are people watching it. I'm new to town and want to learn how the system works and why the console I tried to open goo-ed all over me. Someone? Anyone?

[ooc: Anyone with the capability is welcome to hack the encrypted portion of the message.]
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[Hans’ expression is notably solemn as he pops up on the feed today. Grave times, right? Times he conveniently left himself out of because his mun was late on the event train because he’s not really seeing the benefit of involving himself. He’s always been better at standing back and saying the right things.

Hopefully he can still manage that now.]

This is certainly the reality check all of the newcomers needed, isn’t it? [He quirks a brow.] Does this sort of thing happen often? I knew we’d be dealing with things beyond us, but I had no idea it would be so sinister. Though I suppose any scheme that involves kidnapping mass amounts of people is bound to be.

[Ahem.] Regardless, if there’s anything I can do to provide assistance to those remaining here, please do not hesitate to ask me.

On an entirely different note, it might be naïve to ask- but at a time like this it might be nice to focus on the positives. Does anyone have any traditions from home they’d be interested in teaching me? Songs, customs, anything really. It’s fascinating to think we’ve all come so far but some of us barely know a thing about one another.

Whatever it is, I'm sure I'd love to hear it.
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[Victor is looking straight into the camera; he's got nothing to hide, after all. He seems fairly nonchalant about being here, and he mostly is, except for a couple of concerns about people he's left behind. Sure, giant turtle cities are pretty weird as alternate dimensions go, but he can cope. At least people seem to be friendly enough, and it does sound like his help might be needed.]

Hey. My name's Victor, and I just got here, so I thought I'd say hi and see who else is here. I, uh, don't think many people will recognise me, unless my friends turned up as well and I just didn't see them. Mostly I'm looking for a couple of kids called Molly and Klara, so if anyone sees them can they let me know?

[He shrugs, and looks down at the console itself, now looking a little confused.]

Anyone know how these consoles work? I usually do okay with technology, but I can't even tell what these are made of. I don't want to mess around with them if I don't know if I can read the code... if they even run on code.

[He'll avoid mentioning why he's usually good with technology, though. He's not sure what kind of prejudices people even have here, and cyborgs usually make people a little uncomfortable even at home. He looks up again suddenly, having just remembered something.]

Speaking of which, I'm meant to find a job, apparently. Anyone know anyone who needs a mechanic or an electrician? I'm not officially trained, but I'm good for an amateur and I pick things up pretty quickly.
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[ooc: Content warning: References to alcoholism and violence/murder in the post. Comment threads may also include stuff along those lines, and also possibly talk of child abuse/neglect. Other warnings may be added to individual threads as needed. Also, Bioshock Infinite spoilers are a given. Putting this behind a cut just to be safe!]

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[Have yourself a twelve year old girl testing the water on the shiny new thing and mumbling to herself a little as she does.]

...I hope I'm doing this right.

[Oh right. The people can hear her. Sarah takes a deep breath and gets to talking.]

I uh, gotta say, this is some real crazy stuff going on. I don't even know where to start makin' sense of any of it. The Kedan people, the ones that work here? I think they work here. Live here? I dunno. They explained a lot of stuff but I'm still trying to wrap my head around even being here.

[Sarah pauses. When she speaks again it's with a little less certainty.]

Do they ever make mistakes with who they bring here? I'm not sure I'm the monster fighting type.

[Not real ones anyway.]
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Am I the only one who thinks it's suspicious how, in the weeks around the Emperor's murder, our presence is suddenly graced with a pair of queens, a princess, a prince, and whatever that horned kid is?

It's not the first grouping I've noticed.
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[The video comes up not with the backdrop of the Commander's office, but instead that of the Emperor's personal quarters. It is Alderwood that sits there, his expression dark and controlled; there are signs of grief in the redness of his eyes same as there are signs of activity in the motion of police kedan behind him, but he ignores that to address the network.]

The Ironwood Emperor is-- [Here, he breaks a moment before the line of his jaw settles with stonelike strength and he continues.] She is dead.

[Centuries of war that she survived, centuries of difficulties, and he found her as innocently dead as a victim in a murder. Evandau appears torn, once again on the brink of the grief that threatens to consume him, but he forces himself into mould of a Commander so that he might serve the purpose of this message.]

The sealed scroll outlining her succession was opened this morning under my authority as Commander. [His hand moves, briefly touching a rolled up scroll set on the flat surface before withdrawing as though burned.] It was her wish that I assume all authorities and responsibilities as Emperor after her passing.

[His look is pained, but does not break.]

Henceforth, I assume the role of Alderwood Emperor and thusly fulfill her wishes. The responsibilites of the Commander will continue with me until I choose a successor.

[A pause, a breath as he composes his next words.]

The Palace of Landed Sky is closed to all petitioners until further notice. Without Eshai's power protecting it, this is no longer a safe haven for those that wish to speak its name, so do not risk it.

[For he already suspects that Malicant is behind this and will not have it invited in to make a pair of he and Eshai in death.

That brings him to the end of what he needed to announce and so he only offers one flat statement in closing.]

This changes nothing of your presence or purpose, so do not come beg of return. Those magicks are beyond me and my priority is determining what fool made the decision to kill her.
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[Kaine was sitting at one of the numerous cafes in the Earth sector, wearing his Scarlet Spider costume and feeling like an idiot in doing so. Unfortunately, he couldn't make this as Kaine, not when he couldn't remember the kid's real name to save his life.

At least this time he knew how to work the damn console.

If you know who I am, check in. I might have something that belongs to you.

[Could that have been less cryptic? Probably. Hopefully it works.]
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[ Monet is seated, one leg crossed over the other, arms folded, lips curled into a smile, immaculately dressed as always, regarding the camera with a critical eye. In front of her is a chessboard, all set out for a game. She’s chosen black, so white faces the viewer. ]

I require an opponent.
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[The video clicks on to show a boy of seventeen staring at the screen. The kedan have just shown him how to work the console and he assumes he’s meant to broadcast, as he would in Panem. So he flashes a winning smile, one that doesn’t quite stretch to his eyes.]

Hello. My name is Peeta Mellark, from District 12. They said this isn’t the Capitol. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure where Keeliai is or why I’m here. But I know that the Emperor wouldn’t bring me here without a reason and I trust her wisdom. I appreciate how welcoming you have been and I look forward to learning more about you and to fulfilling my duties here.

[The tribute is incredibly charming, but those who are extremely perceptive would be able to detect that nearly every word is a lie and may notice the sound of handcuffs being pulled taut. He pauses and his smile falters.]

If any other Victors have been welcomed here, I would be glad to be reunited with them again.
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So, turn of the seasons into proper weather aside, I'm afraid I need your help, dear turtleites. [Sei looks remarkably pleased with himself, which is generally a bad sign for everyone.]

There's a man I'm hoping someone can point me towards. Mid-thirties, by his claim, dashingly stubbled, quite charming after his...it might have been his fifth drink? I didn't really count. Dark and handsome, if not very tall.

He didn't leave a note the other day, but I did clean his clothes, and I'd much like to return them to him! It'd be quite the shame if he was without them much longer.

[He chuckles faintly, and keeps...mostly a straight face. straight ish,but clicks off the feed before he cracks up.]
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[A young, blonde woman appears on the network. Nothing's really odd about her appearance, standard white female, except for the large 'M' tattooed over her right eye. She has a strange smirk on her lips that seems to indicate she knows something you don't.] Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a lady of wealth and taste.

[Way to make an entrance- steal V's introduction lines from V for Vendetta, and, y'know, quote the Rolling Stones. She waves.]

So, I've been told we're battling a terrible evil. Where I'm from, we call this Tuesday.

But I thought I'd drop a line, I just got in last night. If we're stuck here for the long haul, it'd be pretty nice to know a few more people than my teammates. So I'm here to say hello, introduce myself.

[And on that note…] I'm Layla Miller. I know stuff.
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[A jumped up, egotistical little squirt of a man appears on the video feed. He throws a salute that is best described as, erm. Lots. Yes, there's lots of saluting going on here. And then he finally snaps his fingers away from his forehead, and nods curtly at the camera from his suite in the Metal sector.]

Good evening, residents of the Turtle. I'm Acting Captain Arnold J. Rimmer, of the Jupiter Mining Corporation deep space vessel Red Dwarf. And while I'm none too keen on the whole "kidnapped to an alternate dimension" smeg, I must admit I'm not surprised I was chosen for this war. Great generals are surely lacking here, it's just an inevitability.

Although I do find it rather hard to believe that a woman's in charge of this whole operation. Tell me, who's the real brains behind the beauty, hmm? It won't do for your newest commanding officer to not know his superiors. Or his subordinates. I want names, I want ranks, I want practical experiences!

Or, failing all that, the nearest exit? I think battling a multi-dimensional entity of purest evil on the back of a giant turtle might be the tiniest bit above my pay grade. Thanks ever so.

[Another salute! This one even longer than the opening salute. And then, mercifully, the feed cuts out.]
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[ The feed opens, the background places this in a cafe, in the Fire Sector. Monet's seated, expression stoic, legs crossed, arms folded, staring at the camera with a critical eye. She's already attempted to leave, and been met by the full force of the barrier, so she is extra Not Amused. Her tone is calm, and imperious. ]

I wish to know how much of what they told us is a lie.

[ Since she couldn't actually rip it out of the kedan telepathically. Damnit. ]

Other than that, I require a guide to this city, someone well-versed in its politics, and history. [ Small pause. ] And a regular shopping companion. You will be well-compensated.

[ She lifts a hand, intending to turn off the camera, before a stray thought makes her mouth thin into a line. ]

Rictor, I can hear you whining. Get over here now.

[ aaaand click. ]
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