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video; anonymous location

[Kaine was sitting at one of the numerous cafes in the Earth sector, wearing his Scarlet Spider costume and feeling like an idiot in doing so. Unfortunately, he couldn't make this as Kaine, not when he couldn't remember the kid's real name to save his life.

At least this time he knew how to work the damn console.

If you know who I am, check in. I might have something that belongs to you.

[Could that have been less cryptic? Probably. Hopefully it works.]
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It's just...they inspired us. I'm not saying the Fantastic Four and the X-Men aren't great as well. They are. But the Avengers had an impact on each of our lives. In one way or the other each of us was connected to the team somehow. That's why Nate formed the team. It's our legacy.

...My dad was Captain Marvel. The first one. I didn't really know him or anything but it just feels like a legacy I want to live up to.'s all I have left of my family. [He really hadn't meant to be such a downer all of a sudden.]

It can't be so bad then. If you've gotten used to it.
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You could always...your name, costume, whatever. Make a new legacy for yourself. I know you said you've gotten used to it, but if it bothers you it's not too late to change.
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[personal profile] hulkintraining 2014-02-24 03:24 am (UTC)(link) long as you're sure.