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[The figure on the video is blurry and skewed, like someone was holding the phone upside down and very far away from their face. That's because this is exactly what Leo was doing, and all people could see was part of his messy brown hair and his eyes tightly shut.]

-you better not be lying to me about this thing working! Hello? Hello, is anyone there? My name is Leonardo Watch and I'm-

[As Leo tried putting his phone close to his face, a large shadow came out of nowhere and crashed into him, causing the phone to suddenly tilt and clatter to the ground. There were sounds of shouting and a scrambling noise before it seemed like it was picked up again. It was still crooked, but this time fingers were partly covering his camera and Leo has appeared to cut his forehead a little.]

-Is this my phone? What the fuck-you know, I don't care! Someone! Anyone! Please help me out, I can't see anything. Is there a way to restore magical abilities for the first day? I can't find the Welcome Center!!
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[The screen is covered intermittently in static, showing a man with white hair and a red coat. The video is harshly lit with a black background.]

You. Yes, you jerks hiding out in the castle right now.

[He makes an exaggerated pointing motion towards the screen.]

A few of the folks here have been waiting a good long time for a piece of you. You know how much it sucks to sit around waiting for an enemy that doesn't feel like showing it's ugly mug?

[He stands up and starts pacing around the flimsy chair and starts pacing around it, never straying out of the light. All the while, he keeps talking with an increasingly theatrical timbre.]

And then you finally decided to show yourselves! But apparently the people who actually want to kick your ass aren't worth your time. No, you wanted that good-for-nothing emperor, didn't you? That's why a bunch of cowards like you decided to charge into a building full of foreigners.

[He swings back onto the chair and crosses his legs in one fluid motion. Afterwards, his voice drops down to it's normal, casual tone of voice.]

Let me give you a bit of friendly advice. That guy's not the guy you want to worry about. Haven't you heard the news? I'll tell you what: why don't you come on over so I can kick your ass personally. There's a nice little bar…

[The video cuts out with a sharp buzzing and the screen goes dark. A moment later the screen comes back to life, showing a somewhat startled Valdis]

That’s…[Dante’s old threat against the cultists] What is going on?
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[Enjolras is shown on the screen examining the device for some time before he satisfies both his curiosity and his understanding that he is indeed on the network. Finally, he lifts his head and speaks. His voice is troubled in tone, but clear.]
My friends. Greetings. It’s been explained to me that we will are confined in this place, brought here with no consideration of our will and left here without the ability to leave. I do not choose to accept this, and I trust others feel the same. If you do, contact me and join me. We will gather as much additional information as we can, and see if we can’t take this upon ourselves to gain our freedom. Who is with me?
[He’s fierce as he speaks. His eyes and set of his jaw show his determination. He shuts off the device, again taking his time with it, and waits for a reply.]
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 So I've been thinking of maybe setting up my telescope one of these days. You know, before the weather does something else weird. Anyone interested in trying to make an astronomy night of it?
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As a recent...demonstration...[perhaps the best way to phrase the recent Network Reading of a Certain Story]...the hobby of creating works of fiction appears to be quite popular.

I have long conceded that this is simply a means of entertainment for many, and do not question such a motive.  However, I am curious as to which...alternative variations of storytelling are to one's personal preference.

[ie: please don't read the 5-year-old bb bot any more porn plskthnxbai]
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[Zatanna appears on screen looking...well, definitely better than the last time she had to make this announcement, that was for certain.  It would have been a stretch to call her 'happy' by any definition, but not only did she not show any signs of having been crying...she was even smiling.  Weakly.  Very weakly.]

[Her eyes also didn't seem to quite look at the camera as she spoke.]

Typical.  Showed up just long enough to suffer through summer, and then leaves before we get to have any more fun this winter.

[She knew Jack would appreciate her trying to make a joke out of things.  No matter how much she really didn't feel like joking.]

Hopefully, we won't get a rush of new faces anytime soon, because it'll just be me running things around here again for a while.  I might be magical, but even I'm not that good.
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So about that party! Been talking to some kedan vendors, and we've got it set for the 22nd. It's gonna be great! A big block party kinda thing, with more stuff leading into the night market.

Really looking forward to it. I hope everyone else is, too.
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[Aly looks contemplative - which is weird for her.]


D'you ever wonder why we're here?

Like, us, specifically.
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[OOC: Warning for some smuttiness! I will avoid explicit stuff, and replies should likewise avoid explicit stuff, but there is absolutely smuttiness going on.]

[Zelos will be honest -- he didn't really know what to think of the fanfiction at the Foreigner Festival when he first realised what it was, and he hasn't gone out of his way to find any more since. There's something about the idea of someone narrating his life that doesn't sit well with him.

But then. But then.

He gets his hands on these.

When the camera turns on, Keeliai gets treated to one of Zelos's smarmiest grins. He's holding a book -- or a paper document that does its best to pass for a book, anyway -- and he waves it at the screen.]

Hello there, all my beautiful hunnies! I have a special treat for everyone today. You know those stories people write about us? [He waves the papers some more.] I hit the jackpot! You'll never guess what I found.

[Some people can maybe guess.]

Hang on, I'm going to read out the best part. If anyone knows who 'Inaev Morenth' is, by the way, I'm happy to pay you to tell me. Okay, so here we go! This one's called The Hot Dust.

[And Zelos clears his throat, repositions the papers, and... proceeds to narrate what is unmistakeably, from the very first word, smut. Perhaps mercifully, people can turn off their consoles whenever they want.]
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 [Midii's lips were pursed together in concentration when the screen turned on, eyes turned downward.  The tip of a writing utensil could be seen moving as she jotted down one last note before looking up.]

Something was brought to my attention recently.  I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner, but it could be really important.


Is there anyone here who has them?  Of things from home, or maybe of something you've realized you're allergic to here.'m curious to know.
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[ Have one smiling ninja on your screens this morning. ]

Good morning, everyone! A few months ago, with the help of my friend Raine, I came up with something similar to an item back on my world: gels!

[ She then proceeds to describe gels, adding: ]

I know that some of the foods and herbs here are different, but I managed to get them pretty close to the apple and lemon flavors for physical healing, and the orange and pineapple flavors for restoring mana--or magic ability.

The sweeter-tasting ones heal the least amount, by the way, but are still good to have around.

And they do work! [ Just don't ask her how she knows. She hasn't even told her friends that. ] However, they don't completely heal, and they don't take care of poisoning or other effects like that; they're only a stop-gap until you can get the help needed.

I will be giving the KPD and the Healers' Guild a supply for emergencies. [ You know, like when cultists attack?

She'll also be selling them at the Jasmine Dragon for snacks and for those who just want something for traveling. ]

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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[ Elizabeth doesn't look any different than when she was here three months ago, confidence with the network system and nervous concern otherwise. ]

It's really been three months? It feels more like I had a very refreshing nap, not disappeared! I know others told me this happened sometimes, but to actually experience it-- well, that's the same as anything, isn't it? It's always different in person!

Mr Klaus, I'm very sorry for unintentionally abandoning my job at the Hotel, and Mme. Eliyen, for leaving my post at the Guild without due notice.

[ She knows she couldn't have provided it, but she feels bad about it anyway. ]

Goodness but it's warm here... is this an actual heatwave? Columbia wasn't prone to these, being airborne.
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[Jackie looks...well, really happy! It's nice to see the guy so cheerful.]

Hey everyone, so the ball got me thinking. What about a regular party? A big one? Like a festival that we put on to thank the kedan for, I dunno, being our neighbors. I'm thinking about hosting something at the Koi and in the area, and I talked to some of the vendors at the night market, and they said they'd be happy to run some stalls in the evening. They had that whole big festival about us, you know? I think we should do something for them.
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Who here has heard the phrase "the calm before the storm"?

It's true, you know. Before something big happens, a hurricane, a tsunami, an ambush - the birds go quiet, the animals go to ground.

Sometimes I think they're smarter than us.

It's too quiet. I don't like it.
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 Right, so I guess some of you might have noticed the thing with the dragons running around? Kind of noticeable and all.

[Danny shifts awkwardly as he tries to figure out what to say.]

Look, I didn't bring the amulet here. But I did recognize it. It's from my world. So I guess I kind of feel responsible. Is that a thing? Things from home following you here, I mean?

But yeah... Just for future reference. If you see something glowing a weird green color, maybe try running in the other direction instead of picking it up?

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[ Hey, fellow Turtle-dwellers! Have a smiling, yet curious, Sheena appear on your screens. ]

Hello, everyone! Does anyone know if there's a weaponsmith who makes bows? [ Yep. Sheena knows how to use one! ] It's been a while since I've used one, and I'd really like to get back to that.

[ She starts to cut the feed, then stops. ]

And if anyone knows where I can target practice, that would be great!

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[ It's been disgustingly hot the past few days. Marinette was definitely not a fan of the super high temperatures, which is why she looks exhausted when she flips the network feed on. ]

I know I shouldn't draw attention to it because it makes it worse, but this -heat- is awful. I've been helping the crafting guild making outfits, but I gotta tell you - it's hard to stay motivated with this weather.

I want to at least get two more outfits done before stopping though. Of course in addition to that I'm working on my own dress for the Midsummer Ball that Valdis announced a few days ago. I'm really kind of looking forward to that - [ Oh BOY is she. ]

So, who else is going?

[ Anyone she knows? Granted she didn't know a lot of pepole here yet, but she was gonna get her mingle on at the party, so that'd be resolved right quick. She was about to add an offer to make accessories for someone, but - no no, Marinette. She really needed to stop taking on so much extra. ... unless a friend mentions wanting something made. She still had to work on Adrien's shirts. GAH, so much to do so little time~! ]
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[Despite the fact that the temperature inside the Welcome Center was currently set to "inside a freezer in the arctic", Zatanna appeared on screen in a light tank top and sunglasses.  Clearly feeling the spirit of the heatwave, even if her spirit boyfriend might not have been...]

It has been brought to my attention that I've been working too much and need to be more spontaneous.

So that's what I'm going to do.

Starting later this afternoon, I've decided to take a spontaneous vacation.  Just for a couple days, of course--I'm not that irresponsible.  Don't know exactly where I'm going, don't know what time this weekend I'll be back.  But I wanted to at least give you all a heads up in case there was something you needed first.  I'll have maps and the latest updated pamphlets on the counter.  The doors to the main area will stay unlocked, and the Wards I have up will take care of the rest.

Otherwise, speak now,  because I can't exactly lug the network console with me to the beach.
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[Valdis appears happier than people might be used to seeing. She has a genuine smile gracing her features, and a sly look in her eyes.]

I am happy to announce that on August twenty first, we will be having a Midsummer Ball at the Courtyard of Public Opinion. Everyone is invited and it is sure to be a wonderful evening.

Formal attire is a must. I have the names of a few tailors that do excellent work if anyone is interested.

[Because who doesn't love pretty dresses and suits]

For security, I will have KPD officers working the event and all foreigner officers are required to attend in order to help keep an eye on things.

[And no, there is no getting out of it.]

Weather permitting, events will start around three in the afternoon. Anyone who would like to volunteer for setup is welcome to help. We will be setting up the night of the twentieth with finishing touches added the next day.

Thank you.
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Hey, everybody. I'm turning... twenty one? Twenty two? Have we decided how we're counting that year in the Dreaming yet?

Anyway, I'm having a party at my place. Everybody's welcome. Even if you don't like me, I do have a lot of ice cream. Just putting that out there.

[Attached is his address in the Sky Sector, and the date and time.

Some Foreigners – specifically, Aya, Raine, Jackie, Bucky, Valdis, Danny, Sonja and Miles – will also receive individual texts, consisting of an ASCII art birthday cake, a smiley face, and a link to this video message. Cute.]